Parts and Peices

Individual Pieces are Here!

TDN now offers a full selection of Individual Pieces.  

Check out our Pot and Cap set ups, our Thumpers and well as our Worm packages.  


Pot and Cap Set-Ups are sized from 2-50 gallons

Thumpers are 6in x 6in for the standard and 9in x 9in for the UPGRADED version.

Worms are 7 3/8in for the standard and 9 1/4in x 11in for the UPGRADED version (more coil spins too!)

The coil on the worms are 3/8in and we can do 1/2in upon request.


All of our units are INTERCHANGEABLE which means you can plug and play, mix and match.  

Give us a call if you have any questions 1-603-997-6786

Check out our wide selection of Pots, Caps, Thumpers and Worms and give us a call if you have any questions.