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It has effectively revolutionized the hobby distillation landscape.  With insane customer feedback to back up our claims, it is an honor to present to the world the one, the only Flame-Flow™.   This copper moonshine still is unlike any other moonshine still on the marketplace.  You are looking at the real deal here folks.  This copper moonshine still is equipped with 4 massive tubes that carry the flame up and through your moonshine still.  This new method of delivering heat to your moonshine still is un-comparable to any other distillation unit on the marketplace.  The time trials speak volumes.  This unit took over two years to develop and fine tune.  There were over 100 man hours of logged testing to ensure that not only our claims were accurate, but, the unit is safe for consumer purchase.  We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our customers about the Flame-Flow™



No one can compete with this unit.  Own a piece of history brought to you by

American Copper Works 

Benefits include: 

Reduced scorching of the mash

Increased control of overall heat

Saves heating fuel

Heats up in half the time!!!! (check the charts)



The Possibilities are endless within American Copper Works.  

Buy a Flame-Flow™  You wont regret it... Takes 2 to 3 months to ship


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