Electric Heating Elements

 American Copper Works Proudly Presents...

Affordable, High Quality Electric Heating Elements.  

We are selling these individually
Installed right on your still for no extra charge.  

We currently carry 110v and 220v units, Hot Plates, and Power Controller Boxes.  

Check out our full stash of Electric Controllers Here.

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Adding Electric to a copper moonshine still is an option and NOT mandatory.  A Copper Still is a tool for survival and is not a toy.  You could easily burn your house down with using an open flame, so why would you not want to purchase a submerged electric heating element for your copper still.   All of our Electric Elements and Controllers are fully compatable with all types of distillers, if you have a moonshine still from another compnay but want our electric elements, please let us know what you are running so we can MAKE SURE our element fits nice and snug in your copper moonshine still.   Distilling is alot easier with an electric heating element and controller from American Copper Works.  Just make sure you dont crank up the heat too fast on the element or your moonshine mash could scorch leaving you with a funky tasting product.

Many times for beginners, we recommend that the customer has a chance to try their finished product under an open flame first, and then swtich over to electric so the customer can fully understand the differences between the two types of ways to heat up your copper moonshine still.