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A do-it-yourself kit (DIY) is a copper moonshine still manufactured by American Copper Works in Nashua New Hampshire.

A DIY Kit is 20 oz. Sheet copper which is cut,  bent,  rolled and embossed which leaves it ready to solder.  Clamping and Soldering  of the pieces is what is needed to complete the moonshine still. This is not a project where you just solder the tubing pieces and you're done. This is a project that will take at least 4 to 8 hours to complete. When we get the copper in our shop,  we measure it,  cut it, bend it, roll it into a cylinder shape,  emboss it and ship it to the customer ready to clamp and solder. Best of all,  Included is our Lifetime Warranty.

Once again this project is not easy. We estimate that it will take the average customer 4 to 8 hours to clamp and solder and complete the unit. You can check out our video on this page, which is a 36 minute tutorial video as well as you can check out and download our "KitBookLet"  Which is an instruction booklet built for our customers. 

Still have questions? We also offer unlimited phone support on the EZ KITS!



1.       https://youtu.be/MRP0sDZvzaQ
Kit Presentation    
2.       https://youtu.be/N36IC77m-UU
Still Instructions for Use


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Our Moonshine Kits' are Rock Solid.  We have seen a huge demand for our copper moonshine still kits, too.  Everyone wants to get their hands on this DIY Distillation Project.  This is a moonshiners project that you can do in your spare time.  Need a new hobby?  Need something new to do with your friend, your brother, father, etc.   This is the perfect gift for the do it yourself, prospecting moonshiner.