An "EZ KIT" is Half Built.  Customer will need to solder easy parts of the unit to completion.  Manufacturer has assembled all hard parts and unit comes almost finished.  Solder, Flux, a torch head and Directions are included with purchase.  All you need to buy is a small, disposable propane tank the size of a football found at any hardware store for $3. 


A "HARD KIT" is shipped to the customer almost all dis-assembled.  All of the bends and folds have been made, however, not much has been soldered.  The "HARD KIT" is for the "DIY" kind of Guy Or Girl.  We have found that many of our customers enjoy spending the time building the moonshine still with a friend or family member from scratch.  Here is your chance to make it "Just Hard Enough". 


Kit Presentation    
Still Instructions for Use


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