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XL Distillation Units

50-300 Gallons

Here you will find our selection of Extra Large Distillation Units.  Copper Moonshine Stills built in the sizes of 50 to 300 gallons.  These units are for commercial distillers or anyone who wants to make a bunch of moonshine.  Our Commercial Moonshine Stills come with a unique bracing feature on the inside of the pot as well as a solid bottom design, fully brazed for maximum strength.  You can rest assured knowing the bottom of your pot will not blow out on your with our safety features we have implemented over the years.  Our Units are made with Thick Pure Copper and are built in a way that will last generations.  Please take the time to review our copper pot still listings and see the options and variants of this category.  A Commercial Distiller is something that you will want highly customized.  This is something that we can do for you here at ACW.  If you want to buy our Standard Units, the way they come is fine.  But, if you want to make adjustments, you just need to tell us and we will let you know the price difference, if any.  Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of American Copper Works.  All of our Commercial Moonshine Stills come with a unique vin number that you can register with your local agencies if you wish to go that route.  We also have exensive experience with the application process for commercial distillers.  If you are in need of assistance for a commercial application process, we can make the process easier for you by lending our expertise for a small fee.  Please reach out to us if you have ANY questions about our products.  Please also keep in mind that all of our units come in COMPLETE FORM or KIT FORM.  This means that if you want to save some money and Assemble the kit yoruself, you could.  We would provide everything you need to Clamp and Solder your copper moonshine still.  Prices will vary , please see our EZ-Kit Categories or call us for details.  

All of Our Units Can Be Ran On Open Flame OR Submerged Electric Heating Elements. 

If you are wondering what the largest unit we shipped and to the furthest destination?   
The answer is Haiti.  In 2021 we shipped a 300 gallon to Maui:) 

 International Buyers.... Inquire Within.  We have a great 3rd party shipping provider that will help us ship your order and ensure its prompt and safe delivery so you can get started making some distillate. 

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An Extra Large Copper Still from ACW is not a toy.   
This is a unit built for making very large quantities of high proof liquor or other distillates. 
Do your homework, make sure you are buying the correct piece for your application.