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The above example is what you will see at the bottom of each of our products on this website.  Sometimes it is confusing what you need and do not need so we have developed this page here to describe in detail our options and accessories and provide full details and descriptions.  Traditionally our company American Copper Works has focused on the reproduction and replication of the traditional appalachian style copper moonshine stills that were found in the hills hundreds of years ago.  Over the years, as distillers have perfected their craft they have added on key options that provide the distiller with key benefits.  For example, a fruit port on the top of the thumper allows the distiller to add basically anything into the thumper with ease for flavor infusion purposes.  It is also alot easier to clean out the thumper with one of these add ons.  Here, you can see in detail each add on and their prices.  And, as always you can call us at 1-502-337-3944 for any questions.

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