110v Electric Heating Element W/ Controller

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This is our 110v electric heating element.  It can easily be installed in any of our units, or you can purchase it seperately here.  These units are built to adapt to our units in two ways.   The main way and the most likely is that your copper still was manufactured with a copper adapter 1 inch NPT straight pipe thread.  This is installed on the bottom side of the moonshine still and is where you inser the electric element that you are hopefully purchaing here.  If you DO NOT have that adapter installed, rest assured, we have you covered.  At any time and on any copper moonshine still you can install our electic heating elements.  Here is how you do it.  Simply drill or cut a hole in the moonshine still at the bottom but not too low and then boom, you are finished.  All you need to do is take this electric element and the supplied Nut and gasket and stick it in the hole you just cut and use the nut and gasket on the inside and you are ready to distill.   Two ways to make your moonshine still ELECTRIFIED.  Nice and easy, from American Copper Works.


This is good for up to a 6 gallon still.  Sometimes a 10 but it takes forever to heat up!  Techincally you can run two of these side by side and it will heat up a 10 gallon or larger but its expensive.  Ask us how to save some money by purchasing two!


The unit comes with a controller so you can control the temperature, it comes with a 110v electrical plug to easily use at home.  When controlling your distillation unit, you want to control the heat.  Our controllers are made of the highest quality materials  and are tried, tested, and true.  Rarely do our units come back with issues.  You will be able to control your distillation unit with the comfort of a spin knob.  No more flame, nore more propane. 

The unit is built in Wisconsin from a supplier who has been building electric elements for moonshine stills for 15 plus years.  We have been doing business with this company for over 6 years and have never had any issues with the elements or controllers.  If something fails or isnt working properly, we will see to it that your problems get solved.  There is not necessiarly a lifetime warranty on the electric, however, the company we purchase these through are excellent with solving issues and we are sure you will be pleased with the transaction.  

Keep in mind that a 110v element and controller is only powerful enough for a 2 gallon or 6 gallon still, it will work on a 10 gallon unit but it will take 5 hours to heat up to temperature, therefore, you may be better off going with a 220v element and controller  if you are looking to power a 10 gallon still.  You could also purchase two 110v elements and one controller (ask us how) if you want to power a 10 gallon unit with two 110v elements if you are restricted to only 110v useage. 

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